audeep® is a collective undertaking that brought together passionate people from different educational and cultural backgrounds bound together by a common affection towards music.

We are engineers, designers, filmmakers, musicians and every one of us, as individuals, had a different way of perceiving music. But we agreed we had to conceive the most harmonious instrument of music reproduction, free of biased ideas. Although being different, the interdisciplinary effort that the alpha project implied brought an abundance of creative ideas that couldn't be possible without our diversity. 

The alpha project begun in september 2012. Almost two years have passed since we first thought about what music meant to us. Since then we dedicated countless hours researching, developing and rethinking the alpha to be as close to perfection as it could be.

We proudly disregard mercantile concepts like time to market and cost effectiveness. The alpha project means a lot to us, it was conceived as a statement of audio quality and beauty. This is why the alpha is not going to be mass-produced. It is going to be a limited edition headphone amplifier.

As the alpha project approaches the finishing stages, we will continue posting new technical details and information regarding our audiophile headphone amplifier.